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"In La Verne we believe and a portion we leave of ourselves that shall never depart."

The Veritas Society

The oil lamp is one of the early emblems of the University of La Verne, and in Jewish and Christian iconography, it is a symbol of the lighting of the way for the loving, the righteous and the wise. Unlike other ancient sources of light, the oil lamp was known for its continuous and long-lasting light.

The founders of the University of La Verne believed strongly in their mission to continue the pursuit of higher education through truths rooted in Judeo-Christian ethics. It was their desire that their precious veritas - values which had been handed down from generation to generation - would light the way far into the future.

Taking its name from these concepts, the Veritas Society was created to honor those who have demonstrated their personal dedication to preserve and pass on the light of the Veritas in service to the future of the University of La Verne. They have done so by:


Veritas Society membership provides an array of benefits including exclusive invitations to our biannual events honoring society members, a special memento acknowledging your induction, and a personal liaison to the university.

The Office of Planned Giving is pleased to host two special events per year exclusively for Veritas Society members. These events are our way of saying thank you, keeping you updated about important developments at the university, and giving you an opportunity to share your passion for La Verne with like-minded Leos.

Membership is our way of recognizing your remarkable commitment to La Verne, and is without obligation. We gladly honor requests to remain anonymous on the Veritas Society Honor Roll and other university publications.

Let Us Know Your Plans

Have you named University of La Verne as a beneficiary in your will, living trust, life insurance policy, or retirement plan? Notify us by filling out this form, or contacting our office at 1-855-924-7638 or to be recognized and to enjoy the perks of Veritas Society membership.